Tongbei Pigua Quan is a famous martial art founded by Zuo Bao Mei in the early Qing Dynasty.

Over the last 400 years, Tongbei Pigua Quan has endured, developed, influenced and evolved into many different modern family lineages and wushu styles.

And yet the original Zuo Family system has mostly stayed out of the limelight, almost forgotten…

That is why since 2017 we began our mission to modernise, educate and preserve this unique family lineage.


“Whether you use the fist or a weapon to fight, all power comes from the feet first and then through the waist, back and arms.

So to learn Tongbei Pigua is to learn to connect and co-ordinate your body as one”

Tongbei Pigua Quan

Considered an External martial, the Zuo family system is one of the most comprehensive and ancient styles of Tongbei Pigua Quan that has survived since it’s founder Zuo Bao Mei in early Qing Dynasty (17th century)

Internal Self Defence Techniques

Drawing from the systems of traditional Wu style Tai chi, Bagua Zhang and Xingyi. Rather than the forms, this class focuses on the applications and practical uses of skill that are not often practiced.

Chinese Traditional Weapons

Learn how to handle sticks, sabres, long swords, spears, Miao Dao and many more traditional Chinese martial arts weapon through applying Tongbei Pigua Quan’s core techniques.

Children and Adults Classes (Age 6+)

Does your child have too much energy and not enough ways to safely and productively expend their battery? Well why not bring them to our children and adult friendly class.


All our classes are weekly so you can start whenever suits you

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Tongbei Pigua Quan
Perfect for those looking to get started into Kung Fu but don't know where to begin.
Internal Self Defence
Perfect for individuals with Tai Chi, Bagua or Xingyi background looking to expand their practical application knowledge.
Family Classes
Tailored for Children, and their adults too.
Everything from our syllabus will be taught at a child-friendlier pace.
Weapons class
Perfect for those curious about Chinese weapons, forms and sparring.
We teach spears, sticks, swords and sabres plus many more!

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Did you know we made it into the Hong Kong papers in 2020?

Fully establishing our Kung Fu presence in the martial community and sharing our knowledge abroad.

That’s right no matter English or Cantonese speakers we teach anyone and everyone with a passionate Kung Fu spirit!


星島體育 Sing Tao Sports

Preserving the traditional arts for tomorrow's modern martial artists

Discover your inner Martial Artist

Why join us?

You’ll be joining a society of like-minded, easy going, dedicated martial artists. All our students receives unparalled tuition and support in and outside of classes. We don’t believe in pushing our students, instead we believe that progress should match the student’s own development.

Kung Fu is a passion, and a way of life.

  • Flexible learning
  • Personalised tutoring
  • Expert knowledge
  • Fun and Friendly environment
  • Traditional training
  • Transparency


Join us at the Martial Club every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Our club is just 30 Minutes from Central!